The Best Air Compressor UK 2021

Adding an air compressor to your home garage will allow you to inflate your tyres and use a variety of air tools. They are available in a wide range of tank sizes that use a powerful compressor to deliver the air supply required.

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Best Air Compressor UK
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The best air compressor is the Black+Decker 227/50 NK, which is powered by a 2 HP motor that delivers an air displacement rate of 7.8 CFM and maximum pressure of 145 PSI. The brand also offer a number of alternative sizes that are also suitable for home garage use.

Air Compressor Comparison

Air CompressorAir DisplacementMax Pressure
Black+Decker 227/50V NK7.8 CFM145 PSI
VonHaus 24L Compressor9.6 CFM120 PSI
Sealey SAC5020E6.8 CFM116 PSI
Hyundai HY30100V14.0 CFM116 PSI
ORAZIO 2411843.2 CFM116 PSI
Cobra Air Compressor9.5 CFM116 PSI

If you are purchasing an air compressor in order to use air tools, you will firstly want to find out the air supply required by the tools. Based upon the maximum PSI and CFM rating, you can then choose the most suitable compressor.

Below is a list of the best air compressor that are ideal for a home garage and available in multiple tank sizes.

The Best Air Compressor

1. Black+Decker 227/50V NK Air Compressor

Black+Decker produce a wide range of air compressors but the 227/50V NK is their flagship model. It’s a portable 50 litre air compressor that stands upright and features large wheels and an ergonomic handle for easy transportation.

In terms of the compressor, the brand state that it’s completely maintenance-free as it uses an oil free aluminium die-casting pump. It also provides 2 HP, which is more than enough power for home garage use.

Other features of the Black+Decker 227/50V NK include:

  • 50 litre tank
  • Powered by a 2 HP compressor
  • Maximum pressure output of 145 PSI
  • Air displacement rated at 7.8 CFM
  • Weighs 25 KG
  • Large wheels and ergonomic handle for transportation
  • Clear barometers located on top of the compressor

The Black+Decker 227/50V NK is the perfect air compressor for home garage usage as it’s compact, affordable and offers plenty of power for inflating tires or using air tools. The brand also offer smaller air compressors that include 12 or 6 litre tank capacities to best suit your requirements.
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2. VonHaus 24L Air Compressor with Accessory Kit

If you want the best bang for your buck, the VonHaus 24 litre air compressor is an excellent option. It features a 2.5 HP motor that produces an impressive air displacement rate of 9.6 CFM and comes with a range of accessories.

Although it’s one of the cheapest, the brand offer a full manufacturers warranty of 2 years for complete peace of mind.

Other features of the VonHaus 24L Compressor include:

  • 2.5 HP motor
  • 24 litre tank capacity
  • Air displacement rate of 9.6 CFM
  • Maximum pressure rated at 120 PSI
  • Large wheels and handle for transportation
  • Supplied with a blow gun, tyre inflator and other accessories
  • Backed by an impressive two year manufacturers warranty

The VonHaus air compressor offers outstanding value for the money and performs better than most of the premium alternatives. It’s by far the best value air compressor in the UK and provides more than enough performance for working on cars and a wide range of air tools.
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3. Sealey SAC5020E 50 Litre Air Compressor

Sealey are a highly reputable tools brand in the UK and known for their high quality products. Their 50 litre air compressor (known as the SAC5020E) is a great example of that reputation and is one of the best on the market.

In order to reduce the noise output whilst operating at its max performance, it’s fitted with a heavy induction motor, which makes a huge difference when compared to cheaper alternatives.

Other features of the Sealey SAC5020E include:

  • Air displacement of 6.8 CFM (193 litres per minute)
  • Maximum pressure rated at 116 PSI
  • Maximum free air delivery of 4.6 CFM (130 litres per minute)
  • Powered by a 2 HP motor
  • Aluminium cylinder head and cast iron cylinder
  • Complies with the latest European standards
  • Fully automatic pressure cut-out switch
  • Twin gauges for clear readings

The Sealey SAC5020E is a well-made 50 litre air compressor that offers great performance for home garage use. It does come with a premium price tag but it’s a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret.
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4. Hyundai HY30100V 100 Litre Air Compressor

The Hyundai HY30100V is a 100 litre air compressor that’s ideal for air tools and spray guns. It’s powered by a direct drive 3 HP motor and offers an air displacement rate of 14 CFM.

Supplied with this model is a 5 piece air tool kit, which includes a spray gun, air duster/jetter, degreaser gun, tyre inflator.

Other features of the Hyundai HY30100V include:

  • 100 litre tank capacity
  • 3 HP twin direct drive electric compressor
  • Maximum air displacement rated at 14 CFM
  • Twin Euro quick release connectors
  • Comes as a complete kit
  • 60 dB noise output
  • Maximum pressure of 116 PSI
  • Backed by a two year Hyundai warranty

If you require a much large tank capacity without paying thousands, the Hyundai HY30100V is the best option. It delivers great performance and includes quick-release connectors, which is ideal for switching between air tools or spray guns.
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5. ORAZIO 241184 Silent Air Compressor

The ORAZIO 241184 is an air compressor that’s designed to run silently with a noise output of 65 dB. Compared to similar priced alternatives, this is far quieter and is ideal for home garages that are located within built-up areas.

Although quiet, it still packs plenty of performance with a maximum pressure output of 116 PSI and air supply of 3.2 CFM.

Other features of the ORAZIO 241184 include:

  • 24 litre tank capacity
  • Max pressure of 116 PSI
  • Air displacement rate of 3.2 CFM
  • Oil-free compressor
  • CE approved
  • Weighs 22 KG and is 60 x 32 x 53 cm in size

If you require an air compressor that runs silently and without any harsh noises, the Orazio 241184 is an excellent option. The brand also offer it with a 50 litre tank option but you will have to pay a premium price for the larger size.
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6. COBRA AIR Tools 50 Litre Air Compressor

The Cobra Air Compressor is an affordable 50 litre option that provides impressive performance for its budget price. The 2.5 HP motor delivers a maximum pressure of 116 PSI and an air displacement rate of 9.5 CFM.

Other features of the Cobra Compressor include:

  • 50 litre tank capacity
  • Robust metal handle for portability
  • Twin pressure gauges and working regulator
  • Complies with the latest European standards
  • Fully automatic pressure cut-out switch
  • Powered by a 2.5 HP compressor
  • Supplied with a 5 piece tool kit

Overall, it’s an excellent all-round air compressor for home garage use and it won’t disappoint. It’s affordable yet delivers plenty of performance and even comes with a 5 piece tool kit for extra bang for your buck.
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Upgrading your home garage with one of the air compressors above is a step in the right direction. They are a versatile tool that allows you to not only inflate your tyres but also use a range of air tools or spray guns.

All of our recommendations are suited to a wide range of budgets and include air compressors of all shapes and sizes. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you check the minimum required CFM rate of your air tools and choose the most suitable air compressor for your requirements.

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