The Best Car Body Filler 2021

Whether you need to repair damage to the bodywork or alloy wheels, a car body filler is required to prepare the surface ready for painting. Within this article, we list some of the best fillers that are easy to sand and leave behind a smooth finish.

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Best Car Body Filler
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The best car body filler is the Silverhook Big Boy, which is an ultra-fine formula that’s easy to sand down and leaves behind a corrosion resistant finish. If you need a formula for bridging holes or rust, the David’s P40 alternative is best.

Car Body Filler Comparison

Car Body FillerFormulaSize
Silverhook Big BoyPolyester250 ml
Davids P40Glass Fibre600 ml
E-Tech AdvancedPolyester500 ml
UPol Easy1Polyester3,000 ml
AC8 Easy SandPolyester250 ml
Holts Cataloy PuttyPolyester30 ml

Below is a list of the best car body fillers that are suitable for all finishes and small or deep bodywork repairs.

The Best Car Body Filler

1. Silverhook Big Boy Body Filler

Silverhook Big Boy Body Filler
By far the most popular body filler in the UK is the Silverhook Big Boy, which is suitable for home, boats and cars. In terms of it’s desirable properties, it’s ultra fine and designed to be easily sanded down on a range of surfaces.

Other features of the Silverhook Big Boy include:

  • Made in the UK
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Ultra fine composition
  • Easy to use and sand down
  • Added leveling properties
  • 250 ml tub

The Silverhook Big Boy is a high quality yet affordable body filler that’s ideal for bodywork or alloy wheel repairs. It’s easy to use and provides a smooth finish that’s ready for painting after a quick sand.
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2. David’s P40 Glass Fibre Car Filler

David's P40 Glass Fibre Car Filler
If you require a more robust formula for bridging larger dents, scratches or holes, the David’s P40 formula is a great option. It’s an extremely strong filler that bond’s fast for a permanent finish upon metal or glass.

Other features of the David’s P40 Glass Fibre include:

  • Suitable for all metals (including galvanised steel)
  • Supplied with a hardening solution
  • Fully watertight repairs
  • Dries to a light tan colour
  • 600 ml tub

Although expensive, the David’s P40 is a versatile car body filler that’s ultra strong and ideal for bridging holes in body panels. It also comes as a P38 filler, which is designed to be used alongside this P40 bridging formula.
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3. E-Tech Advanced Car Body Filler

E-Tech Advanced Car Body Filler
The E-Tech Advanced is a body filler that’s specifically designed for cars and provides excellent adhesion to bodywork panels. If you are working on older vehicles, this formula is particularly good due to its anti-rust properties.

Other features of the E-Tech Advanced Filler include:

  • Polyester based filler
  • Pre-accelerated formulation
  • Easy to sand and shape
  • Fully waterproof
  • Anti-rust properties

Overall, the E-Tech Advanced Filler is an excellent all-round option that’s ideal for car bodywork repairs and offers great value for the money too. It’s also easy to use with the fast setting and easy to sand finish the filler provides.
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4. UPol Easy1 Car Body Filler

UPol Easy1 Car Body Filler
UPol are a brand that are well-known for their high quality glue for cars but they also offer a range of other products. A great example is their highly rated and popular car body filler known as the Easy1 formula. It’s designed to be lightweight and provide a smooth finish on a range of car bodywork panels.

Other features of the UPol Easy1 include:

  • Large 3 litre tin
  • Excellent filling properties
  • Smooth textured and tack-free finish
  • Non-sagging when used on vertical surfaces
  • Ideal for deep repairs
  • Suitable for a range of substrates

The UPol Easy1 is a high quality body filler that can perform deep repairs and also offers great value for the money per 100 ml. However, the fact that it comes in a large 3 litre tin means that the majority of it may go to waste if you only need the formula for small repairs.
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5. AC8 Easy Sand Car Filler

AC8 Easy Sand Car Filler
The AC8 Easy Sand is a versatile body filler that’s suitable for all metals including galvanised steel. Whether you are repairing a dent or scratch, as the name suggests, it’s easy to sand and leaves behind a smooth finish ready for paint.

Other features of the AC8 Easy Sand include:

  • Made in the UK
  • Leave behind a creamy finish
  • 250 ml tin
  • Bonds fast

Overall, the AC8 Easy Sand is an affordable and easy to use car body filler that’s ideal for use on a range of surfaces. It’s been specifically designed for car bodywork repairs and does exactly what it says on the tin.
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6. Holts Cataloy Knifing Putty Filler

Holts Cataloy Knifing Putty Filler
One of the cheapest car body fillers that’s actually worth buying is the Holts Cataloy formula. It comes in a small putty tube and is designed to fill surface scratches and stone chips upon all car finishes.

Other features of the Holts Cataloy Putty include:

  • Extra smooth finish
  • Supplied with an applicator
  • Suitable for use on bare metal primer
  • Made in the UK
  • 100g tube

The Holts Cataloy Putty is the best car body filler for small repairs such as stone chips or scratches. Whether you use it on your car’s bodywork or wheels, it’s an easy to use formula that won’t disappoint.
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Considering that the cost to respray your car can be hundreds or even thousands, it’s often worth trying to repair any damage yourself. All of the body fillers above are suitable for a range of car bodywork repairs and are easy to sand down. To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend reading the instructions beforehand and following the mixing ratios.

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