The Best Car DVD Player 2021

A Car DVD Player is a great way to keep your kids entertained with their favourite movies on long journeys. If you have more than one child, many come with dual screens that allow you to play the same movie or watch two different movies simultaneously.

Best Car DVD Player

The best car DVD player is the WONNIE 10.5 Inch Dual Screens, which have a portable design and provide great HD picture quality. If you are on a tight budget, the Voyager Twin Screen is the best alternative.

Car DVD Player Comparison

Car DVD PlayerTypeScreen
WONNIE PortableDual Headrest10.5 Inch
Voyager TwinDual Headrest9.0 Inch
PUMPKIN Ultra ThinDual Headrest10.1 Inch
NAVISKAUTO HDSingle Headrest10.1 Inch
APEMAN Swivel ScreenSingle Swivel10.5 Inch
COOAU HDSingle Swivel15.6 Inch

Below is a list of the best car DVD players that attach to the car’s headrests or can be used as portable devices.

The Best Car DVD Player

1. WONNIE Portable DVD Player For Car

WONNIE Portable DVD Player For Car
WONNIE are a brand that offer a variety of car DVD players but this particular model is their new and improved version. Included in the package are two 10.5 inch dual screens that can be easily mounted onto the rear of the headrests or used as a standalone device with the flip-out stand at the back.

Other features of the WONNIE Car DVD Player include:

  • 10.5 inch display
  • 1024 x 600 HD resolution
  • Supports most video formats
  • Backed by a 12 month warranty
  • Supplied with headrest mounting accessories

The WONNIE Dual Car DVD Players tick all the boxes and are an excellent bit of kit to keep backseat passengers entertained. Although expensive, they are high quality and backed by a 12 month warranty for peace of mind.
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2. Voyager In-Car Portable DVD Player

Voyager In-Car Portable DVD Player
By far one of the most popular car DVD players is the Voyager Twin Screens, which are an affordable yet high quality option. Each of the screens are 9 inches wide and include the brand’s premium stanchion mounting system, which allows for easy attaching of the screens to the headrests.

Other features of the Voyager In-Car DVD Player include:

  • 2 x 9 inch monitors
  • Compatible with wireless headphones
  • Outputs DVD, USB and SD card formats
  • Supplied with the brand’s patented mounts
  • 12V power cable
  • Rear stand for use without headrests
  • Detailed user manual

The Voyager In-Car DVD Player is by far the best value setup on the market that comes with its very own easy mounting system. For keeping your kids entertained on long journeys, you simply cannot go wrong.
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3. PUMPKIN Car Headrest DVD Players

PUMPKIN Car Headrest DVD Players
One of the more expensive car DVD players available is this PUMPKIN device, which features an ultra-thin 10.1 inch HD display. Included within the package are dual screens that come complete with matching remotes and headphones.

Other features of the PUMPKIN Headrest DVD Player include:

  • Dual 10.1 inch screens
  • Auto top loading suction drive
  • Multiple formats supported
  • Convenient headrest mount
  • Supplied with remote controls and headphones

Although expensive, the PUMPKIN Headrest DVD Player is a high quality device that will compliment any luxury vehicle. It’s also backed by a 18 month warranty for complete peace of mind, which is another great bonus.
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The NAVISKAUTO device is another premium car DVD player that also has a 10.1 inch display but only comes as a single unit. According to the brand, it’s able to play high resolution HD video from a range of formats and it even supports a HDMI input, which means you are able to connect the DVD player with other devices.

Other features of the NAVISKAUTO Car DVD Player include:

  • Resolution rated at 1920 x 1080
  • Adjustable monitor holder
  • Desirable HDMI input
  • Supports most multimedia formats
  • Supplied with headphones and remote control

If it wasn’t for the expensive price tag, the NAVISKAUTO DVD player would tick all the boxes. However, with that being said, it’s worth paying the extra for the impressive picture quality and the desirable HDMI port.
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5. APEMAN Portable DVD Player For Car

APEMAN Portable DVD Player For Car
One of the cheapest car DVD players that’s actually worth buying is by the APEMAN brand. It’s a completely portable device that comes with a 10.5 inch screen that’s rotatable by 270 degrees for the best possible viewing angle.

Other features of the APEMAN DVD Player include:

  • New and improved design
  • 10.5 inch screen
  • Easily rotates up to 270 degrees
  • Multiple supported formats
  • Battery lasts 6 hours between charges

Considering the low price tag of this car DVD player, it offers outstanding value for the money and it won’t disappoint. Unlike similar priced alternatives, this particular model features a rotating screen, which is a great added bonus.
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6. COOAU Swivel Screen DVD Player

COOAU Swivel Screen DVD Player
Another DVD player that comes with a swivel screen design and is ideal for long car journeys is by the COOAU brand. However, unlike the APEMAN alternative, this device has a much larger display at 15.6 inch.

Other features of the COOAU Swivel DVD Player include:

  • 15.6 inch screen size
  • 270 degrees swivel angle
  • Built-in 5,000 mAh battery
  • Supports most video files
  • Supplied with a remote control

If you want a larger display and willing to spend slightly more than the APEMAN alternative, this DVD player won’t disappoint. The COOAU Swivel is perfect for using in the car and placing in a central point for all passengers to view.
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Entertaining your kids on long journeys as you concentrate on driving is a difficult task. However, by investing into one of the recommended car DVD players above is a great solution. Simply attach the DVD player to the front seat headrests and play your kids favourite movie.

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