The Best Car Speakers 2021

Upgrading your car speakers with aftermarket OEM replacements can instantly improve the sound quality and provide deeper bass. Our recommendations are designed to replace 6.5 inch speakers but most brands offer a wide range of sizes.

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Best Car Speakers
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The best car speakers are the Pioneer TS-R1750S, which produce 250 watt peak power and a RMS of 40 watts. They are an excellent OEM upgrade that are designed to provide clear sound and full bodied bass for any genre of music.

Car Speakers Comparison

Car SpeakersPeak PowerRMS
Pioneer TS-R1750S250W40W
Sony XS-FB1620E260W45W
Alpine SPG-17C2240W60W
Focal PC165F140W70W
JBL Club 6520150W50W
JVC CS-J620X150W30W

In terms of the performance of the speakers, the main ratings you want to pay attention to is the peak power and RMS. The peak power refers to the maximum power the speaker can handle within short intervals. The RMS (Root Mean Square) is the continuous power that the speaker can handle. Premium quality speakers often have a higher RMS, which provides a better indication of its ability to produce superior sound quality.

Below is a list of the best car speakers that are direct replacements to OEM speakers and produce excellent sound quality and punchy bass.

The Best Car Speakers

1. Pioneer TS-R1750S 6.5 Car Speakers

Pioneer are a brand that dominate the UK market with audio products that are affordable yet high performing. These TS-R1750S car speakers are a great example of that reputation and come as a complete kit ready to install from the box.

According to the brand, these car speakers are designed to provide loud and clear output for any type of music. This is made possible through the multi-layer mica matrix woofer cone, which provide improved bass and midrange frequency.

Other features of the Pioneer TS-R1750S include:

  • 6.5 inch diameter
  • Coaxial setup
  • 250 watts peak power
  • 40 watts RMS
  • 36 – 31,000 Hz frequency response
  • Multi-layer mica matrix woofer cone
  • Supplied with fitting screws, speaker cable and grills

The Pioneer TS-R1750S coaxial speakers are a great upgrade for most OEM setups and provide clear sound and improved full-bodied bass. Considering the low price tag, they offer outstanding value for money and won’t disappoint.
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2. Sony XS-FB1620E Car Speakers

Another popular and highly rated pair of car speakers is the Sony XS-FB1620E, which provide a peak power rating of 260 watts. They are 6.5 inch coaxial speakers but the brand offer 6×9, 4 or 5.1 inch alternatives.

In order to produce the rich bass and clear vocals, these speakers use a woofer and balanced dome tweeter that work together for full-frequency audio.

Other features of the Sony XS-FB1620E include:

  • 6.5 inch coaxial speakers
  • HOP aramid carbon fibre matrix woofer
  • Peak power output of 260 watts
  • RMS rated at 45 watts
  • 55 Hz – 24,000 Hz frequency range

The Sony XS-FB1620E car speakers are an excellent all-round option that combine performance with value for the money. They are also produced by one of the best in the business for complete peace of mind.
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3. Alpine SPG-17C2 Coaxial Speakers

The Alpine SPG-17C2 6.5 speakers are a premium option that deliver a peak power rating of 240 watts and RMS of 60 watts. According to the brand, they are designed to handle high power levels whilst also delivering high sound quality.

Alpine are well-known for their excellent build quality and these car speakers display many of those qualities. For example, rather than using round wires in the coils, these speakers use square coils to eliminate the space between the coils. This has the result of a smoother and more efficient response from the speakers.

Other features of the Alpine SPG-17C2 include:

  • Peak power rated at 240 watts
  • 60 watts RMS
  • 68 to 20,000 frequency range
  • Audio tuned capacitor
  • Square voice coils
  • Silk soft dome tweeter
  • Neodymium magnet
  • 4 ohm impedance
  • 88.5 dB sensitivity

Although more expensive that the Pioneer and Sony alternative above, these Alpine speakers offer a far more superior build quality. They would make great mid-range speakers when paired with a matching car subwoofer for deep bass, which will provide a better all-round experience that won’t disappoint.
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4. Focal Performance PC165F 6.5 Speakers

Focal are a brand that are well-known for their premium speakers and the PC165F series is a great example of their reputation. They are by far the most expensive car speakers within this article but for good reason. They are built to the highest of standards with the use of premium materials within the construction.

The speakers use the brands new and improve membrane technology, which is known as Flax. According to the brand, the new cone provide a more neutral and dynamic sound without coloration.

Other features of the Focal PC165F Speakers include:

  • 2 way coaxial system
  • Peak power rating of 140 watts
  • 70 watts RMS
  • 91.9 dB sensitivity
  • 60 – 28,000 Hz frequency response
  • 4 ohm impedance

For those looking for the ultimate car speaker setup without spending thousands, the Focal PC165F speakers tick all the boxes. They are able to handle high power and deliver very low deep bass whilst retaining superior sound quality.
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5. JBL Club 6520 Car Door Speakers

JBL produce a wide range of car speakers to suit all mounting holes and budgets. The Club 6520 model in particular are 6.5 coaxial speakers that comes as a complete kit with all the installation hardware and instructions.

A unique feature of these car speakers are that they are equipped with UV resistant polypropylene woofers, which are designed to cope with all conditions without effecting performance.

Other features of the JBL Club 6520 include:

  • 150 watts peak power
  • 50 watts RMS
  • 92 dB sensitivity
  • PEI balanced dome tweeter
  • 55 – 20,000 Hz frequency response

The JBL Club 6520 are well-rounded speakers that provide strong performance for the money and are a match for most systems. Although they aren’t the cheapest, they are a worthwhile investment that won’t disappoint.
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6. JVC CS-J620X Car Speakers

For those on a budget, the JVC CS-J620X are an excellent option as they are cheap and far better quality than many of the similar priced alternatives. In terms of the performance, they are able to output up to 300 watts with a RMS rated at 30 watts, which is very impressive for a cheap pair of speakers.

To make the installation of these car speakers go smoothly, the brand provide 8 x fixing screws, 8 x fixing clamps and a speaker cable in the box.

Other features of the JVC CS-J620X include:

  • Coaxial speakers
  • Peak power of 150 watts
  • RMS of 30 watts
  • 92 dB sensitivity
  • Comes as a complete kit

The JVC CS-J620X are by far the best budget car speakers on the market that are easy to install and great OEM replacements. They aren’t going to produce as a high quality sound when compared to some of the alternatives but for the cost of the speakers, they simply cannot be beaten.
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Upgrading your car speakers is relatively easy and can completely transform the sound inside of your car. When deciding between the different speakers, we advise that you choose a higher RMS rather than a higher peak power. The RMS rating of a speaker will provide you a better indication of its quality.

The recommendations above are all suited for 6.5 inch mounting holes but most brands do offer alternative sizes if needed. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you remove your existing speakers to find the exact size required.

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