The Best De-Icer 2021

As the temperature begins to head towards freezing, you’ll want to make sure you have a quality car de-icer to hand to ensure you are not delayed. Within this article, we list some of the best that remove the effects of cold weather from your windscreen and windows.

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Best De-Icer
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The best de-icer is the Autoglym DI500, which is a concentrated formula that’s highly effective and operates to -50. If you require a night before deicer, the CarPlan Demon Ice is the best alternative that doubles up as a standard deicer.

De-Icer Comparison

Autoglym DI500Spray500 ml
CarPlan Demon IceNight Before Spray1,000 ml
CarPlan Blue StarAerosol600 ml
Prestone RapidSpray500 ml
Polar KitAerosol500 ml
Holts ProfessionalAerosol300 or 600 ml

Below is a list of the best de-icers that are suitable for all glass and work in temperatures as low as -50.

The Best De-Icer

1. Autoglym Car De-Icer

Autoglym Car De-Icer
Although Autoglym are mostly known for their detailing products, they do offer other niche products such as this de-icer. It’s an easy to use spray bottle that efficiently de-ices and operates as low as -50, which is highly impressive.

Other features of the Autoglym De-Icer include:

  • 500 ml spray bottle
  • Operates at -50
  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Leaves behind no smears
  • Made in the UK

The Autoglym De-Icer is by far the best de-icer on the market that works well and offers great value for the money too. It’s also backed by the highly reputable Autoglym brand for complete peace of mind.
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2. Carplan Night Before Deicer

Carplan Demon Ice Spray
The CarPlan Demon Ice is a relatively unique formula as it’s a night before deicer, which prevents overnight freezing. It also doubles up as a standard de-icer that’s fast acting and operates to -20.

Other features of the CarPlan Demon Ice include:

  • Use night before or in the mornings
  • Prevents over night freezing
  • Pleasant cherry fragrance
  • Large 1 litre spray bottle
  • Made in the UK

If you are looking to beat the morning deicing routine, the CarPlan Demon Ice is the best night before deicer. Unlike similar alternatives, this particular formula even doubles up as a normal deicer too.
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3. CarPlan Blue Star De-Icer

CarPlan Blue Star De-Icer
Another popular de-icer by CarPlan and also one of the cheapest on the market is their Blue Star aerosol formula. According to the brand, it’s specifically designed to defrost windscreens and melts ice fast.

Other features of the CarPlan Blue Star include:

  • 600 ml aerosol
  • Operates down to -15
  • Powerful and fast acting
  • Leaves behind a clear finish

Overall, the CarPlan Blue Star is the best budget de-icer that comes in a large aerosol and provides fast acting defrosting on all car windows and windscreens.
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4. Prestone Rapid Deicer

Prestone Rapid Deicer
Prestone are a highly reputable brand in the UK and well-known for their premium products. Their Rapid De-Icer is a great example that melts ice down to -40 and works in seconds. The brand themselves even state that no other de-icer on the market works faster than their formula.

Other features of the Prestone Rapid De-Icer include:

  • Melts down to -40
  • Prevents refreezing
  • Concentrated formulation
  • Safe on all types of glass
  • 500 ml bottle capacity

Although expensive, the Prestone Rapid De-Icer is one of the best formulas on the market that’s fast acting and has the lowest melting point. The only minor drawback is that it does produce a strong chemical smell once applied.
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5. Polar De-Icer Spray

Polar De-Icer Spray
The Polar De-Icer Spray is a premium option that’s designed specifically for cars and is most effective at clearing ice, snow, slush and sleet. Although available as separate aerosol cans, the brand also offer it as a kit (2 x aerosols and a scraper) or as a pack of 12 for those that want a bulk buy option.

Other features of the Polar De-Icer Spray include:

  • Operates at -20
  • Prevents re-freezing
  • Melts ice fast
  • 500 ml aerosols
  • Made in the UK

Overall, the Polar De-Icer does exactly what it says on the tin and is a fast and effective way at removing any frost or ice. It isn’t the cheapest but its a high quality option that won’t disappoint.
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6. Holts Professional De-Icer

Holts Professional De-Icer
The Holts Car De-icer is a highly rated option that comes in a pack of six and a choice of either 300 or 600 ml aerosol cans. In terms of its performance, the brand state that its capable of working up to -15.

Other features of the Holts Professional De-icer include:

  • Suitable for all types of glass
  • Fast acting formulation
  • Leaves no smear marks
  • Choice of 300 or 600 ml aerosols
  • Comes in a pack of six
  • Made in the UK

Overall, the Holts Professional is an excellent all-round de-icer for cars that comes in a bulk buy pack of six.
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Although some people prefer to use a scraper, a quality de-icer will always be far more effective. Even if you used the best rated ice scraper, you will still need to put in the effort to scrape away any ice and spend more of your time outside in the cold. De-icers simply spray straight onto the frozen area and get to work instantly. All of our recommendations above are suitable for use on car windows and windscreens and won’t disappoint.

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