The Best Ice Scraper 2021

An ice scraper is an essential tool for those cold winter mornings where your car windscreen is iced over and you need to clear it quickly. Within this article, we list a great selection of scrapers that are dedicated to clearing car windscreens.

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Best Ice Scraper
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The best ice scraper is the Swedish Original, which has a unique design made from a laser cut acrylic glass that’s also shaped to provide efficient clearing of ice or frost. However, if you would like to keep your hands warm as you are scraping your windscreen on a cold winters morning, the MATTC Mitt is the best alternative.

Car Ice Scraper Comparison

Car Ice ScraperDesignBlade
Swedish OriginalSingleAcrylic Glass
RevHeads ClawDualPlastic
MATCC MittSinglePlastic
Michelin 92100DualRubber & Polycarbonate
Carpoint ViledaDualRubber & Plastic
MATCC ExtendableDualPlastic & Brush

Below is a list of the best car ice scrapers that are designed specifically for car windscreens and can be easily stored within your car.

The Best Ice Scraper

1. Swedish Original Ice Scraper

Swedish Original Ice Scraper
The Swedish Ice Scraper isn’t your stereotypical type of ice scraper but it’s one that’s highly rated and popular in the UK. The unique design features a laser cut acrylic glass with a diamond polished finish that provides effective scraping power and is completely safe upon all car windscreens.

Other features of the Swedish Ice Scraper include:

  • Angled shape for easy access to corners
  • Laser cut from recycled acrylic glass
  • Neoprene holder for warm touch
  • Available in a choice of 8 colours
  • Compact and easy to store

Although expensive, the Swedish Ice Scraper is one of the best on the market with an intuitive design that makes for efficient clearing of frost or ice. It’s also one of the smallest, which makes it ideal for storing in your car.

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2. RevHeads Ice Scraper for Cars

RevHeads Ice Scraper for Cars
By far the most popular car ice scraper on the market is the RevHeads option, which according to the brand is virtually indestructible. It’s been designed specifically for car windscreens or windows and also has a comfort foam handle for maximum grip as you use it.

Other features of the RevHeads Scraper include:

  • 6.5 inch comfort handle
  • Easy to store or hang
  • Compact 4 inch wide blade
  • Chisel claw for breaking thick ice
  • Made in the USA

Overall, the RevHeads Car Ice Scraper is an excellent all-round option that combines superior build quality with value for money. The dual sided design also makes it very versatile for even the worst of iced over windscreens.

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3. MATCC Car Ice Scraper Mitt

MATCC Car Ice Scraper Mitt
One of the worst things about using an ice scraper is the fact that you hands become freezing whilst scraping. However, the MATCC brand have the answer with their scraper mitt that’s not only waterproof but is also lined with a thick soft fleece inside.

Other features of the MATCC Scraper Mitt include:

  • Durable plastic blade
  • Elastic wrist band to prevent the mitt slipping
  • Constructed of an Oxford waterproof material
  • Suitable for both left or right handed use
  • Lined with a thick soft fleece

The MATCC Scraper Mitt is an excellent way to keep your hands warm with its unique design. It also offers outstanding value for the money too, which is a great added bonus.

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4. Michelin 92100 Car Ice Scraper

Michelin 92100 Car Ice Scraper
Although Michelin are well-known for their tyres, they do offer a number of popular accessories such as their car ice scraper. It’s basic in terms of its design but it provides an easy and reliable way to clear you windscreen of frost or ice.

Other features of the Michelin 92100 Scraper include:

  • Made from a robust polycarbonate construction
  • Attractive blue and white design
  • Easy to store inside of your car
  • Ergonomic foam handle

Overall, the Michelin 92100 is a high quality yet affordable car ice scraper that’s built to last by the reputable Michelin brand. Compared to similar priced alternatives, it offers superior build quality and it won’t disappoint.

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5. Carpoint Vileda Car Ice Scraper

Carpoint Vileda Car Ice Scraper
Another premium car ice scraper that comes with a double-sided design is the Carpoint Vileda. The red side is made from hard plastic that’s safe to use on the windscreen and the other side is a softer rubber that acts as a squeegee.

Other features of the Carpoint Vileda include:

  • 18 cm wide blades
  • Robust plastic handle
  • Easy to store or hang
  • Rubber and plastic blade
  • Easy to clean after use

Overall, the Carpoint Vileda is a high quality car ice scraper that’s built to last and won’t disappoint. The fact that it doubles up as a squeegee is a great bonus as frozen windows are often combined with misty car windows.
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6. MATCC Ice Scraper Snow Brush

MATCC Ice Scraper Snow Brush
Another highly rated car ice scraper by the MATCC brand is their 2-in-1 tool that extends to reach all areas of your vehicle. If you drive a large vehicle such as a SUV and you can’t reach all areas of the windscreen, its a great alternative to the above ice scrapers.

Other features of the MATCC Extendable Scraper include:

  • 2-in-1 design with a scraper and brush on each end
  • Rotating and detachable head
  • Non-slip and comfortable foam grip
  • Extends from 31 to 39 inches
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty

If you require a long reach car ice scraper and snow brush, the MATCC Extendable 2-in-1 is by far the best option. It isn’t the cheapest but the intuitive design makes scraping ice or snow from your car far more easier.
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Unless you have placed a windscreen cover on your car, it’s likely that your windscreen will freeze over a couple of times a year during the cold winter mornings. However, with a dedicated car ice scraper, you can power through even the thickest layers of snow or ice with ease. All of our recommendations above are designed for use upon windscreens and can be easily stored within your car.

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