The Best Night Driving Glasses 2021

Night driving glasses feature a yellow tinted lens and an anti-reflective coating to eliminate reflections from oncoming headlights. If you are someone that drives mostly at night, they can completely transform your vision of the road and well worth trying out.

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Best Night Driving Glasses
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The best night driving glasses are the Bloomoak HD, which are an affordable yet high quality pair that are designed for maximum comfort. However, if you need to wear night driving glasses over your prescription pair, the DUCO Wrap Around are the best alternative that features the desirable TR90 frame.

Night Driving Glasses Comparison

Night Driving GlassesTypeFrame
Bloomoak HDStandardPlastic
FEIDU AviatorStandardAl-Mg
DUCO Wrap AroundPrescriptionTR90
ZILLERATE Anti-GlareStandardTR90
SIPHEW WomenStandardPlastic
BOJAD PolarizedPrescriptionPlastic

It’s important to note that the below recommendations aren’t standard driving sunglasses. They are designed primarily for driving at night as they block out oncoming headlights and other internal reflections.

Below is a list of the best night driving glasses that are comfortable to wear and available in a range of styles.

The Best Night Vision Glasses

1. Bloomoak Night Driving Glasses

Bloomoak Night Driving Glasses
By far the most popular and also one of the cheapest night driving glasses are by the Bloomoak brand. They feature a stylish and rimless design that’s lightweight and designed to be comfortable to wear for long periods.

Other features of the Bloomoak Night Driving Glasses include:

  • 100% polarized yellow lenses
  • Lens is 65 x 39 mm in size
  • Lightweight alloy metal frame
  • Comfortable ventilate nose pad
  • Adjustable and skin friendly temples
  • Shatterproof construction

The Bloomoak Night Driving Glasses are an excellent option that ticks all the boxes. They are high quality yet affordable and very comfortable to wear for hours of night driving.
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2. FEIDU Night Vision Glasses For Driving

FEIDU Night Vision Glasses For Driving
If you are looking for something a bit more stylish, the Feidu Night Vision Glasses for driving is a great choice. They are an aviator style of glasses that features an Al-MG adjustable frame.

Other features of the FEIDU Night Vision Glasses include:

  • Polarized yellow lenses
  • Al-Mg adjustable frame
  • Full UV400 protection
  • Supplied with a cloth, case and adjusting tool
  • Backed by a 30 day refund

Overall, the FEIDU Night Vision Glasses for driving are a great alternative that features the desirable aviator styling. The brand also offer a matching pair of normal polarized sunglasses that can both be stored inside your car.
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3. DUCO Night Driving Over Glasses

DUCO Night Driving Over Glasses
For those that wear prescription glasses, the best alternative is to wear a pair of night vision glasses that can be worn over them. Unlike some of the cheaper alternatives, these come with a stylish side window to further expand the field of vision, which is a very important factor to consider whilst driving.

Other features of the DUCO Night Driving Over Glasses include:

  • Lightweight TR90 frame
  • Soft silicone nose pad
  • TAC polarized lenses
  • Supplied with a cloth, case and adjusting tool
  • Suitable for most prescription eyewear
  • Backed by a lifetime breakage warranty

Although expensive, these DUCO Night Driving Glasses are built to the highest of standards and even come with a lifetime breakage warranty for complete peace of mind.
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4. ZILLERATE Night Vision Glasses For Driving

ZILLERATE Night Vision Glasses For Driving
Another popular pair of night driving glasses are the ZILLERATE pair, which has been designed for maximum comfort. With a lightweight TR90 frame that fits snug on your face, you can happily drive through the night in comfort.

Other features of the ZILLERATE Night Driving Glasses include:

  • Anti-glare TAC lenses
  • Rubber padded TR90 frame
  • Durable hard shell case
  • Anti-scratch and impact resistant
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty

Overall, the ZILLERATE Glasses are a great choice for driving at night and also offer relatively good value for the money. However, the main advantage is the snug fit, which prevents the glasses falling off whilst driving.
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5. SIPHEW Night Vision Driving Glasses

SIPHEW Night Vision Driving Glasses
For those looking for a women’s pair of night driving glasses, the SIPHEW brand have the answer. It’s available in a choice of five frame designs and each feature the yellow tinted polarized lenses.

Other features of the SIPHEW Women’s Night Driving Glasses include:

  • Designed for Women
  • Lightweight and comfortable PC frame
  • Choice of 5 frame designs
  • One-piece nose pad
  • Full UV400 protection

The SIPHEW Glasses are the perfect pair for women that want stylish yet affordable glasses for night driving. They do an excellent job at reflecting glare of oncoming headlights and they won’t disappoint.
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6. BOJOD Night Driving Glasses

BOJOD Night Driving Glasses
Another pair of night prescription driving glasses are by the BOJOD brand and unlike the Duco alternative, it comes with a flip-up function. This allows you to switch between day and night glasses with ease.

Other features of the BOJOD Prescription Night Glasses include:

  • Designed to be worn over prescription glasses
  • 100% UV400 polarized lens
  • Easy flip-up functionality
  • Soft and sturdy nose bridge
  • Anti-skid arms
  • Side window protection
  • Supplied with a cloth and case

The BOJOD Night Driving Glasses are a unique pair that makes switching between day and night glasses far easier. However, when compared to the Duco alternative, it isn’t as stylish to wear but this may not be an issue for some people.
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Night vision glasses for driving are a great investment for anyone that mostly drive at night. Powerful oncoming headlight bulbs and other light sources can dazzle you and effect your driving. Therefore, a proper pair of night driving glasses can make a real difference. All of our recommendations above are designed primarily for driving at night and are available in a wide range of styles to suit everyone’s requirements.

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