The Best Car Roof Bag 2021

Car roof bags are a more affordable and easier to store method of transporting your belongings when compared to a roof box. Below you can find our recommended bags that are available in a range of sizes that can be folded down and stored after use.

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Best Car Roof Bag
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If you want the quick answer, the best roof bag is the Sailnovo 20, which provides ample room for all your belonging with 566 litres of space and also offers outstanding value for the money. If you have a set of roof racks installed, the Thule Ranger Foldaway is a great option that’s built to the highest of standards and is backed by the reputable Thule brand.

Car Roof Bag Comparison

Car Roof BagStorage SpaceSize
Sailnovo 20566 Litres130 x 99 x 43 cm
BougeRV 15 CF425 Litres96 x 96 x 45 cm
Fischer 126000270 Litres100 x 40 x 80 cm
Thule Ranger Foldaway280 Litres110 x 80 x 40 cm
HandiHoldAll 330L330 Litres110 x 75 x 40 cm
MHO+ALL226 Litres111 x 86 x 25 cm

Although a high quality roof box can securely store all your contents, they can be difficult to store and are much more expensive. However, a roof bag is the best alternative as it holds just as much but easily folds down ready for storage.

Below is a list of the best car roof bags that are completely weatherproof and available in a variety of sizes.

The Best Roof Bag

1. Sailnovo 20 Car Roof Bag

Sailnovo 20 Car Roof Bag
By far the most popular car roof bag on the market is the Sailnovo 20, which is able to carry a huge 20 cubic feet of luggage. According to the brand, its construction is able to protect against grit, sun, wind, snow and rain. This is made possible by its construction being made from a 600D waterproof material that features oversize zippers.

Other features of the Sailnovo 20 Bag include:

  • Compatible with all vehicles
  • Used with or without a rack
  • 566 litres / 20 cubic feet of storage
  • 51 x 39 x 17 inches in size
  • Supplied with straps and a storage bag

The Sailnovo 20 is the best car roof bag that ticks all the boxes and is available in several configurations to best suit your requirements. Whether you have roof racks installed or not, it’s an easy to use roof bag that won’t disappoint.
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2. BougeRV Car Roof Bag

BougeRV Car Roof Bag
The BougeRV Roof Bag is a smaller alternative to the Sailnovo above that’s designed to be used with roof racks. It comes as a complete kit that includes the bag itself, 8 reinforced straps, roof mat and a storage bag.

Other features of the BougeRV 15 CF include:

  • 425 litres / 15 cubic feet of storage
  • 38 x 38 x 18 inch in size
  • Constructed of a 1000D polyester
  • Heavy duty waterproof zippers
  • Designed for use with racks
  • Backed by a 1 year warranty

Overall, the BougeRV Roof Bag is an excellent all-round option that combines affordability with superior build quality. As an added bonus, it’s also backed by a 12 month warranty for complete peace of mind.
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3. Fischer 126000 Foldable Roof Bag

Fischer 126000 Foldable Roof Bag
Another popular and highly rated roof bag is the Fischer 126000, which offers 270 litres of storage space. It’s been built with durability in mind and features a metal structure for more ground stability and the bag itself is made from a water repellent polyamide with fully taped seams.

Other features of the Fischer 126000 Bag include:

  • 270 litres / 9.5 cubic feet of storage space
  • Easy tool-free installation
  • 100 x 40 x 80 cm in size
  • Max load capacity of 50 KG
  • Zipped and fully taped seams
  • Heavy duty adjustable straps
  • Supplied with a storage bag

Overall, the Fischer 126000 is a high quality roof bag that’ll work with most roof bars and won’t disappoint. The only drawback is the premium price tag but the high quality construction is worth paying the extra.
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4. Thule Ranger Foldaway Bag

Thule Ranger Foldaway Bag
Thule are a highly reputable brand in the UK and produce some of the highest quality car accessories on the market. The Ranger Foldaway bag is a great example of this reputation that’s been built to the highest of standards. However, this particular branded bag does come at a cost and is only suitable for those with a large budget.

Other features of the Thule Ranger Foldaway include:

  • 280 litres / 9.8 cubic feet of space
  • 110 x 80 x 40 cm in size
  • Easily folds away for storage
  • Easy snap-on mounting system
  • Waterproof construction with taped seams
  • Sealed zipper with integrated lock

Although expensive, the Thule Ranger Foldaway is the ultimate car roof bag that’s been designed without compromise. It’s easy to install, folds down to a small size and is a great alternative to the brand’s roof boxes.
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5. HandiHoldall Large Car Roof Bag

HandiHoldall Large Car Roof Bag
If you are looking for an affordable large car roof bag, the HandiHoldall is a great option that offers 11.65 cubic feet of storage. It’s important to note that this particular model is designed to be used with a set of roof bars as it comes with four integrated straps that wrap around the racks for stability.

Other features of the HandiHoldAll 330L include:

  • 330 litres/11.65 cubic feet of space
  • 110 x 75 x 40 cm in size
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Strong fibreglass poles integrated into the base
  • Durable and 100% waterproof
  • Max load capacity of 50 KG

Overall, the HandiHoldAll Bag is a high quality yet affordable option that won’t disappoint. As long as you have roof bars installed upon your car, this bag takes just minutes to attach to your car ready for loading.
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6. MHO+ALL Rooftop Carrier Bag

MHO+ALL Rooftop Carrier Bag
One of the smallest car roof bags that offers just 8 cubic feet of storage and is compatible with all vehicles is the MHO+ALL bag. According to the brand, it has been built with durability in mind and is constructed of a waterproof 600D material. The roof bag also has all of the seams sewn to ensure maximum water resistance.

Other features of the MHO+ALL Rooftop Bag include:

  • Carries 8 cubic feet
  • 44 x 34 x 10 inch in size
  • Heavy duty straps and buckles
  • Sturdy side handles for easy carrying
  • Use with or without a roof rack
  • Backed by a 24 month warranty

The MHO+ALL is the perfect small roof bag for your car if you only need to carry a small amount of contents and want to minimize wind noise and drag. It also has the bonus of being backed by a 24 month warranty for peace of mind.
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Car roof bags are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and for good reason. Unlike the rigid box alternative, it’s much more easier to store, which is where it will stay for the majority of the year. Unless you are lucky enough to have ample space in your garage, it’s the best alternative to a roof box. All of our recommendations come in a range of shapes and sizes and all fold down in size for easy storage.

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