The Best Rust Treatment For Cars 2020

Cars that may otherwise run and drive perfectly fine are often sent to early graves due to severe rust. However, its easily preventable by using a quality rust treatment for cars that kills rust and prevents it from spreading any further.

best rust treatment

The best rust treatment for cars is the Hammerite Waxoyl, which removes rust and helps prevent the spread of corrosion. If you require a rust remover for small areas, the Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80 is the best option.

Rust Treatment Comparison

Rust TreatmentTypeSize
Hammerite WaxoylRemover and Protection5 Litres
Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80Remover and Protection500 ml
Jenolite Rust ConverterRemover5 KG
CarPlan UnderbodyUnderbody Rust Protection5 Litre
T-Cut Magic Pen Rust RemoverRemover15 ml

Before treating any corrosion upon your car, it’s advised that you use a wire brush beforehand. This allow you to remove any loose or flaking rust and treat the rust more effectively using one of the recommendations.

Below is a list of the best rust treatments for cars that remove corrosion and helps prevent the spread of new rust.

The Best Rust Treatment

1. Hammerite Waxoyl Car Rustproofing

The Hammerite Waxoyl formula is a rust treatment for cars has been used by professionals for many years and for good reason. Not only does it kill off old rust but it also prevent new rust from appearing once applied correctly.

In terms of the application, it can be applied via sprayer or brushed onto the areas that need rust treatment. However, to activate the formula, it must be heated beforehand, which can be achieved by putting the tin in a bucket of hot water.

Other features of the Hammerite Waxoyl include:

  • Available in a clear or black finish
  • Kills rust and prevents it reappearing
  • Sprayed or brushed onto surfaces
  • Creates a weatherproof skin
  • Protects against rust, humidity and rain
  • 5 litre refillable tin

The Hammerite Waxoyl is the best rust treatment for cars that not only removes rust but also prevents it reappearing. Before use, we recommend that you use a wire brush to remove any loose rust and also warm up the formula. It can then be freely sprayed in all areas that need treating and help to protect it for many years to come.
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2. Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80 Rust Treatment

Although Bilt Hamber are known for their detailing products, they also produce a number of other products such as this rust treatment. It’s an easy to use formula that removes rust and creates a durable barrier against it reappearing.

According to the brand, their rust treatment provides superior results that are longer lasting than many of the alternatives. It’s also completely safe to use with a water-based and non-flammable formulation.

Other features of the Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80 include:

  • Award winning and tested by the German TUV organisation
  • Long term performance against rust
  • Can be brushed or sprayed
  • Water based and non-flammable
  • Forms a non-rubbery etched barrier
  • 500 ml bottle

The Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80 is another highly rated rust treatment for cars that provides quick and long lasting results. However, unlike the Waxoyl formula by Hammerite that’s suitable for large surfaces (or the full car), this rust treatment is best used for small to medium surfaces.
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3. Jenolite Original Rust Converter

Jenolite is a UK brand that offer a number of rust treatments that have been tried and tested for many years. Their rust converter is their most popular product and is designed to convert rust into a ready to paint surface.

According to the brand, it’s able to convert rust into a stable compound in just 15 minutes, which is very impressive.

Other features of the Jenolite Rust Converter include:

  • Suitable for painting over in 3 to 4 hours
  • Water based formula
  • Made and tested in the UK
  • 6 to 8 square metres of coverage per litre
  • Available in bottle that range from 250g to 5 KG

Interestingly, this rust converter is also use on London’s Big Ben and even the Eiffel Tower, therefore it will be more than suitable for treating rusty car surfaces. Overall, if you want to convert rust before painting it, the Jenolite Rust Converter is an excellent option.
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4. Carplan Car Underbody Rust Protection

The CarPlan Underbody Sealant is a simple brush on formula that’s designed to protect against further corrosion, salt and water. It can be used upon door sills, wing, boot lids and a wide array of other components that need protecting.

Other features of the CarPlan Underbody include:

  • Brushed application
  • Protects against corrosion, stones, salt and water
  • Provides excellent sound deadening qualities
  • Additional coat can be applied after 3 hours
  • Wipes clear with white spirit
  • Made in the UK
  • 4.5 KG tin

Although it may be messy to apply, it’s very thick and provides a durable coating to protect any exposed surfaces. It also has the unique bonus of providing excellent sound deadening qualities, which is highly desirable for older vehicles.
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5. T-Cut RPD010 Magic Pen Rust Remover

The T-Cut Rust Magic is one of the easiest rust remover products to use and also one of the cheapest.

In terms of the application of this rust remover, simply apply the fluid from the pen onto the surface and allow 15 minutes for it to activate. It will then turn blue/black and it can then be painted after an additional 3 hours.

Other features of the T-Cut Magic Pen Rust Remover include:

  • Easy to use pen application
  • Can be coated in all forms of paint
  • Converts rust in just 15 minutes
  • Can be painted after 3 hours
  • Perfect for stone chips

The Magic Rust Pen by T-Cut is a highly effective rust remover that’s designed for small rust areas such as stone chips or dents. It’s simple to apply, cheap and converts rust in just under 15 minutes.
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Rust can be a huge problem for classic cars or imported cars that haven’t been treated. All of our recommendations above include rust treatments for cars that remove corrosion and protect the surface once its been treated. Before using any of the rust treatments, we advise that you use a wire brush to remove any flaking beforehand.

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