Detailing is big business in the UK and there are hundreds of different products available for tackling certain tasks. Although detailing your car to some people involves a wash and wax, many enthusiasts and professionals will require far more products for the perfect finish.

Some of the steps involved when detailing your car include:

  • Pre-wash using snow foam
  • Washing the car with shampoo
  • Cleaning the wheels and tyres
  • Removing hidden defects with a clay bar
  • Paint correction treatment
  • Finishing touches with fine polishes
  • Protection using a wax, sealant or ceramic coating
  • Cleaning the glass inside and out
  • Polishing chrome and other metals
  • Restoring faded plastics
  • Full interior valet
  • … and much more

Investing into quality products that help you achieve the best results is highly recommended. Our aim is to provide you with the best detailing products in the UK market, which you can find below.

Best Car Cleaning Kit

If you are new to detailing or simply want to freshen up your cleaning products, a quality car cleaning kit is a great investment. They are packed with everything you need for all year round maintenance and are often cheaper than buying the products separately.

Best Car Shampoo

Car shampoo is designed to safely remove dirt and road grime to reveal a streak-free finish. Many premium shampoos also include various additives such as carnauba, which increases shine and produces a water repellent barrier.

Best Car Glass Cleaner

The best way to keep your car windows clean and free of streaks is by using a quality glass cleaner that cut through dirt and wipes clear. Many premium options are even able to repel water or dust for a longer lasting finish.

Best Ceramic Coating

Application of a ceramic coating to your car provides it with the highest level of protection and a high gloss finish. They are a specialist detailing product that bonds with the paintwork to create a protective barrier, which can last up to 5 years.

Best Clay Bar

The best way to remove contaminants which washing or polishing the car isn’t able to remove is to use a clay bar. It’s an advanced detailing technique that allows waxes or polishes to glide across the surface more easily for an improved finish.

Best Waterless Car Wash

Whether you live in a flat without access to a hose or simply want to quickly wash your car, a waterless car wash is the best option. They safely lift dirt and grime from the paintwork to leave a shiny protective finish.

Best Car Upholstery Cleaner

Considering that you spend a vast amount of time inside of your car, it’s worth keeping it clean and free of any nasty odours. This can be easily achieved by using the latest line up of car upholstery cleaners that are safe to use upon most surfaces.

Best Alloy Wheel Cleaner

An alloy wheel cleaner is designed to safely dissolve and remove brake dust, road grime and other dirt with ease. Compared to a car wash shampoo, they provide more cleaning power for a like-new spotless finish to your wheels.

Best Pressure Washer For Car Valeting

Investing into a pressure washer for car valeting is a step in the right direction if you want to take your car cleaning to the next level. They allow you to be more thorough and effortlessly power through tough dirt and experiment with snow foam.

Best Snow Foam

Snow foam is a pH neutral solution that acts as a pre-wash and helps to loosen dirt and contamination upon the car. You simply spray it onto the car, allow up to 10 minutes for it to get to work and spray the solution away along with all the dirt.

Best Tyre Shine

Tyre shine adds the finishing touches to a detailed car with the choice of a long lasting high gloss or like-new satin finish. The dressing is available as a gel, spray or aerosol and take just minutes to apply to all four wheels of the car.

Best Car Polishing Machine

For tackling any defects in your paintwork such as swirl marks or light scratches, the best option is to use a car polishing machine. They are available as a rotary, random orbital or dual action polisher and designed to suit all experience levels.

Best Car Scratch Remover

Rather than spending hundreds at a body shop repairing paintwork scratches, you should try a car scratch remover beforehand. They are relatively affordable and take just minutes to apply but can save you a fortune on repair work.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner UK

Although many people own vacuums, investing into a dedicated car vacuum cleaner allows you to clean more effectively. They are available in multiple shapes and sizes with attachments designed to reach all the hard to reach areas inside of your car.