Automotive Advice & Guides

Aside from taking the latest products and putting them through their paces, our team are also very knowledgable. Whether you want to learn how to change a headlight bulb or read about alternative fuels, you will be able to find all of our guides below.

What is ISOFIX?

Whilst you are shopping around for car seats for your child, you may come across the term ISOFIX but what exactly is it? In short, it’s an attachment point built into the car rather than the seat belt and below, we discuss the system in detail.

How Much Is An Air Con Recharge

The air conditioning system within your car requires recharging at least every two years in order to maintain optimum performance. The air con recharge cost varies from garage to garage but most offer a fixed priced for R134A and R1234YF gas.

How Much Is A Car Service

To keep your car running at its optimum performance all-year round, you should typically get it serviced on an annual basis or once its reached certain milestones. However, how much is a car service and where should you go for the best deal?

How To Debadge A Car

Whether you prefer the “clean” look or want to hide the model or engine size, debadging your car is an easy task that takes a matter of minutes. Within this article, we show you how to debadge a car with the use of dental floss, hot water and polish.

How To Change Wiper Blades

When your wiper blades begin to judder or fail to clear your windscreen, its time to invest into a new set of wipers. Rather than getting someone else to change them, we show you how to change your wipers yourself in a matter of minutes.

Complete Guide To Car Window Tints

Tinting your car’s windows is a popular modification and also an optional extra from the factory. If you are new to the world of car window tinting, below is an in-depth guide covering everything you need to know.

How To Improve Car Security

Apart from your home, your car may be the most expensive item you own and its worth following our car security tips to keep it safe. From securing the keys from relay crime to old fashioned steering wheel locks, we have a great range of methods.

What Are Swirl Marks & How To Remove Them

Swirl marks are ultra fine scratches upon the surface of the clear coat that’s caused by improper washing and drying techniques. They’re an eyesore to any detailing enthusiasts but are easily removed with the correct products and technique.

What is Limp Mode?

Limp mode is a preventative measure that a car uses to avoid further damage to the engine or transmission when there is a fault. Also known as “limp home mode”, it’s main purpose is to get you to safe place or garage using limited performance.

How To Avoid DPF Problems

Due to the tightening of emission regulations, modern diesel cars are now fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) in order to meet the strict standards. Although great for the environment, they can be problematic but our tips should help to avoid DPF problems.

How To Clean Your Headlights

Cloudy or foggy headlights is fairly common among older vehicles and is caused by the exposure of UV light upon the plastic lenses. However, it’s fairly easy to rectify and in this article, we show you exactly how to clean your headlights with ease.

Car Key Battery Replacement

When your car key begins to malfunction or not work as it should, it’s not often the fault of the fob but the car key battery itself. Replacing the batteries is a relatively straightforward task that costs very little and takes just minutes to do.

How To Change A Number Plate Bulb

Although your number plate bulb doesn’t effect your driving, it can be fairly frustrating when they don’t work and cause the dreaded error upon the trip computer. Luckily, they are easy to replace and we show you exactly how.

Future Classic Cars

Attempting to identify future classic cars in today’s market is a hard task but its certainly one that can pay off. Whether you want a hot hatch, luxury barge or two seater sports car, our guide should help steer you into the correct direction.

How Much Does It Cost To Respray A Car?

Respraying your car isn’t as simple as you would think and it requires hours of preparation before any paint reaches the bodywork. Within this article, we discuss why a respray cost may be high and the various factors involved with pricing.

Electric Car Conversion

As the world moves towards electric cars, there are many companies and enthusiasts carrying out an electric car conversion on classic cars. As you would expect, this involves removing a large majority of the car’s original components.

What Colour is My Car?

Unless you bought your car new from the factory, you may not know the exact colour of your car. Within this article, we breakdown the various methods of finding the colour code and other details of the paintwork of your car.

What’s Difference Between Polish and Wax

Many people that are new to detailing often confuse a car polish and wax as the same product. However, they are very different as polishes eliminate imperfections whereas waxes protect and enhances the paintwork.

Everything You Need To Know About Biodiesel

Biodiesel can be produced from straight vegetable oil, waste cooking oil and even animal fats, which when converted can be used as an alternative fuel. This is not only great for the environment but also saves you plenty of money in the long run.