Maintaining your car with the appropriate products is essential to ensure your car remains running as it should. Whether you are looking for the ultimate, budget or best product, our aim is to satisfy all requirements.

Below you can find all of product reviews and guides regarding car maintenance.

Best Head Gasket Sealer

Blown head gaskets can completely write off a car and be very expensive to fix as well as labour intensive. However, if you require a quick, easy and cheap solution, you can use a head gasket sealer that pours straight into the cooling system.

Best Paint For Brake Calipers

Painting your calipers with a high quality brake caliper paint of your choice is a great modification that’s quick and easy to do. They’re available in a wide range of colours that can either be brushed or sprayed onto the calipers once prepared.

Best Rust Treatment For Cars

Cars that may otherwise run and drive perfectly fine are often sent to early graves due to severe rust. However, its easily preventable by using a quality rust treatment for cars that kills rust and prevents it from spreading any further.

Best Screen Wash

Rather than using plain water to clean your windshield, the use of a quality screen wash helps to clear grime, insect splatter and other types of dirt. They are available as a pre-mixed or concentrated formula and are suited to all types of weather conditions.

Best Engine Oil

Choosing the correct engine oil for your car is more important than ever due to the complexities of modern engines. Most brands offer several different blends but it’s crucial that you use an oil that meets the requirements of your car.

Best DPF Cleaners

Diesel particulate filters capture and store exhaust soot for improved emissions but when they go wrong, they can cost thousands to fix. However, with the use of a DPF cleaner, you are able to improve the stability of the system and restore performance.